November 14th Marks Congress of Manastir 109th Anniversary
Albanian Daily News
Published November 14, 2017
The Congress of Manastir, otherwise known as The Alphabet’s Congress, was organized 109 years ago with the purpose of creating a unified alphabet for the Albanian speaking territories. Some 150 delegates, arriving from throughout Albania and also the Albanian communities in Rumania, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Egypt and USA, participated in this important activity. Mit’hat Frasheri, Abdyl Frasheri’s son, was elected as the congress’ chairman.

The congress was attended by representatives of every religious community in Albania, united for a major goal. The goal was to draft a Latin alphabet that would put an end to the use of Arabic of Greek letters.

The participants in this congress unanimously voted to put aside the Istanbul alphabet and write the Albanian language only using the Latin alphabet with 36 letters, which is still used in the present days.

Another important initiative undertaken during this congress was the opening of Albanian Printing-House in Manastir under the direction of Gjergj Qiriazi that soon became known throughout the country as distributor of books and magazines in Albanian language.


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