DP and SMI Join Votes Against 2018 Budget
Albanian Daily News
Published November 14, 2017
The Democratic Party (DP) and Socialist Movement for Integration (SMI) have decided to join votes against the 2018 draft-budget. Speaking to reporters following a regular meeting of the DP parliamentary group, the opposition leader said: "This is the budget that shows Edi Rama's relation with crime. Luxurious hotels are the best way to launder money from crime. We will vote against the budget."
According to him, the 2018 draft-budget, not only politically but even legally, should be administered by the Albanian Prosecution, FBI, DEA, Italian and German prosecutions as a legal evidence of Edi Rama's implication in the traffic of drugs and money laundering.
"One thing is certain for anyone who has thought of laundering money through this draft-budget, to think twice. The fundaments of this building have just started shaking. Europe, Albanian opposition or honest citizens will not allow their impoverishment with this draft-budget, while the enrichment of oligarchs and drug lords goes on," stated Basha.
In addition, the Socialist Movement for Integration also said they will vote against the 2018 budget. They consider it has high taxes for citizens which only enrich the government.
"This is a budget of ruin, with a philosophy that goes towards oligarchy, money laundering and with the final result of enriching the government and ruining the masses. SMI will vote against this budget. It's a budget of oligarchs," Vasili declared.
He added that the claims for economic growth are fictive. "It's an electoral fraud, political lies which didn't get them anywhere. There has been no important new foreign investment," Vasili declared. Moreover, Vasili blamed Premier Edi Rama for country's gradual transformation into the epicenter of heroin's trafficking. Referring to a report released on Monday by the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCCDA) which labels Albania as a transit country for the heroin's trafficking he stated that PM Rama should be held accountable for this negative fact. Vasili also declared that PM Rama's long speeches are just a sad continuation of the efforts to elude this responsibility that will also pursue him.

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