A Cyber Security Conference, a Hacking Contest and a Lot Shared and Learned in the Latest "Infocom Security Albania"
Albanian Daily News
Published November 9, 2017
It has been 8 years since the first Infocom Conference was held (formerly known as Telecom Forum), dedicated to Technology and more specifically Telco Operators, but now, Bizz shpk, has seen to establish a well-known conference, beyond the B2B approach, by gathering professionals, students and tech-savvies from all the region.
After the success of the 8th Infocom World Albania, with notable speaker, Ketan Makwana, advisor for Youth and Entrepreneurship for the UK Prime Minister, the 3rd Infocom Security Albania, was held, at the Plaza Tirana Hotel, on the 8th of November, entitled: "Cyber Dilemmas of the New Millennium".
Now more than ever, protecting an organization's technology assets from malicious damage and inappropriate use requires intelligent constraints on how employees, customers, and partners access corporate applications and data. Insufficient safeguards will result in the loss of critical data, but overly stringent controls can get in the way of doing business or have other adverse effects.
Eliminating threats is impossible, so protecting against them without disrupting business innovation and growth is a top management issue.
Speakers from the biggest domestic and international companies, from many sectors, gathered to present their latest approach toward security, in emphasizing the importance and responsibility that the security of their systems provide for the users, being them other businesses or end customers.
Companies from Financial Organizations, Telco's, Integrators, Providers, Political and Social Institutions, were part of the biggest event of Cyber Security in Albania.

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