Tirana-Puglia Collaboration for Drinking Water to Be Deepened
Albanian Daily News
Published November 9, 2017
The Municipality of Tirana and the Puglia Region will increase their co-operation in the field of drinking water management and treatment. The mutual willingness to do so was underlined during a meeting between Mayor Erion Veliaj and Puglia region president Michele Emiliano in the framework of an official visit to Tirana. The joint benefits deriving from INTERREG program were the main topic of discussion during this meeting.
Mayor Veliaj said that the adoption of INTERREG program cooperation project between Puglia's and Tirana Water Supply Company (WSC) paves the way to important investments in this sector which would definitively resolve the citizens' problem with drinking water supply.
"This joint project related to the drinking water management is positive news for the Albanian citizens. A master-plan drafted in collaboration with Puglia's Water Supply Company will enable a more qualitative service for Tirana citizens," said Veliaj.
He stated that much has been done but much more needs yet to be done in order to definitively resolve the drinking water supply for the Albanian citizens.
"Thanks to a qualitative management of the drinking water by the WSC we managed to duplicate the hours when drinking water is supplied to the citizens. But of course much more needs to be done in order to solve this problem once and forever," said the mayor.

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