Beqiraj Hands in Resignation to President
Albanian Daily News
Published November 9, 2017
Following a clash with Prime Minister Edi Rama, the Elected Chairman of the Academy of Sciences, Gudar Beqiraj handed in his resignation to the President of the Republic Ilir Meta on Wednesday. This decision came as an attempt to solve the clash between the Academy and Rama, who decided to give the fund of 2 million Euros of this Academy to the scientific research of universities.
President Meta received in a meeting Academic Gudar Beqiraj and they discussed the current situation of the Academy of Sciences, the process of its reformation and challenges and the perspective of successfully coping with them.
During the conversation, the interlocutors underlined the need and necessity for a general reformation of scientific research and Academy of Sciences regarding the increase of scientific productivity in harmony with the current developments of science, technology and innovation in order to face the importance challenges of the country.
In the meeting, Academic Beqiraj expressed his will to the President of the Republic to resign from the office of Elected Chairman of the Academy of Sciences, highlighting that he will remain by the side of his academic colleagues, and he will support and contribute to the process of reformation that has already started in this important institution.
President of the Republic Ilir Meta highly praised the civic act of Academic Gudar Beqiraj, highlighting his personality and long contribution not only in the field of scientific research but also in the field of development of sport and humanitarian activities.
President of the Republic Meta pointed out the importance of establishing as soon as possible the dialogue between the Assembly of the Academy of Sciences and the government with the aim to grow its irreplaceable role in the country's development.

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