EU and USA, Extra Budget for the Interior Ministry
Albanian Daily News
Published November 8, 2017
Additional budget has been given to the Interior Ministry by the USA and EU as contribution for the war against drugs and criminality.
This fact was unveiled for the first time by the Interior Minister Fatmir Xhafaj during the discussion of draft budget 2018 in the National Security Parliamentary Committee. The minister also declared that the exact figures of this financial endorsement which aims to boost the war against narcotics and crime in Albania will be disclosed.

“The Interior Ministry budget for 2018 registers an 8.4% increase compared to the previous one. This ministry’s budget is not only a matter of figures but also of priorities. The main investments will focus on public security increase, technical assistance and logistic investments for the State Police, while 47% of this budget will be used for the war against criminality. Part of this budget will also be used for the war on drugs and the purchase of special equipments needed for this purpose,” declared Xhafaj while addressing to the National Security Committee members.


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