Drinking Water, Rama Warns Penalties for Abusers
Albanian Daily News
Published November 6, 2017
Prime Minister Edi Rama extends a clear and direct appeal to the abusers with drinking water urging them to formalize their relation with the Water Supply Company (WSP).

During the presentation on Monday of the government's project for a large scale raid focused on drinking water supply in a meeting with the district's mayors the Premier said that a 90-days period of time will be given to the citizens to liquidate any unpaid bill or sign a contract with WSC.

"The rule of law will be extended in every sector. The drinking water is among the sectors with the largest arrears. This problematic situation will come to an end through a large scale raid aimed to restore the rule of law and bring to the justice the abusers with drinking water.

In spite of the fact that illicit connections to the water supply system are considered a penal violation a 90-days period of time will be given to the citizens to solve this issue by signing a regular contract with WSC. After that severe restrictive measures will be taken for every abuser with the drinking water. Fines much higher than the unpaid bills will be imposed by the WSC inspectors, thus the citizens should lose no time in formalizing their relation with the company," declared PM Rama.

He emphasized that this national scale raid will be conducted by the local authorities while the central government will closely monitor the entire process.

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