American University in Bulgaria Presents Its Programs in Tirana
Albanian Daily News
Published November 6, 2017
American University of Bulgaria (AUBG) has organized on Saturday, on November 04th, were there were present students, parents, alumni, other students who were interested to study there.
In this big gathering, the success of American University of Bulgaria was present and all its study programs were introduced.
Admissions counselor was present and available to answer all questions about application, studying at AUBG, life in the campus and funding opportunities.
AUB is established in 1991 with the support of the American and Bulgarian Governments. AUB's main goal is to educate citizens, capable to meet the challenges of the economic transition in Southeast Europe and to build societies, based on democracy, private entrepreneurship, civil responsibility and tolerance to different cultures.
In 1991, at its opening, the University had 208 students, mainly from Bulgaria. Now in 2017, the AUB students are over 1 000 young people from over 40 countries. The AUB follows the traditional American educational model "liberal arts", where students combine knowledge from various disciplines, thus paving the way for best professional realization in the future.
AUB alumni occupy leadership positions in reputed international companies, state administrations and NGOs around the world. In AUB's home country - Bulgaria, the students are among the best performing professionals according to the official rating of the Ministry of Education.
The 5 academic directions, rated by the Ministry are Economics, Computer Science, Business Administration, Political Science, Journalism and Mass media. In 4 of the listed 5 spheres, AUB's alumni are rated with best level of personal income.

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