'Via Egnatia' Reopened as Tourist Hiking Trail
Albanian Daily News
Published November 6, 2017
The ancient Roman Via Egnatia was reopened Saturday as a completely new hiking trail for the walker who is looking for paths.
The new tourist trail was inaugurated by the Minister of Tourism and Environment Blendi Klosi in a ceremony in the village of Bradashesh, Elbasan, central Albania.
The ceremony was attended the mayor of Elbasan, representatives from the Tourism Development Agency, parliament members, and representatives of more than 150 travel and tour operators.
Addressing the inauguration ceremony, Tourism Minister said the new hiking trail offers unforgettable journey into nature and history.
Klosi pledged that government will support a project to rehabilitate and turn Via Egnatia into an important tourist attraction with a significant impact on development of off-season adventure tourism. Klosi also appealed to local government authorities to do more in terms of management of waste in rural areas which have negative effect on tourism development, pledging support for projects on rehabilitation of the environment.
Tourism Minister also congratulated 150 tour operators from Albania and the region as they prepare to launch first hiking experience along the new "Via Egnatia" trail.
Promotion of the ancient Via Egnatia as a tourist destination adds to Albania's potential in terms of attracting a larger number of foreign visitors and boosting the country's economy.
Meanwhile, the small village of Voskopoja, located 21 km from Korca, where nature, history and culture are harmonically intertwined is expected to become a rural and tourism development model thanks to government investments aimed at renovating traditional and touristic values.
In the framework of development program on regional and local infrastructure, procedures to construct road lot 1, Voskopoje to St Prodhomi Church, are open.
This road will facilitate vehicle movement whose destination is St Prodhomi Church and Monastery. This investment amounts to Lek 87.413.176 million and is expected to fully rehabilitate the whole infrastructure according to the highest standards.


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