SMI Decisions to Never Collaborate with 'Renaissance' and Actions in Opposition
Albanian Daily News
Published November 5, 2017
The National Convent of the Socialist Movement for Integration (SMI) took important decisions this Sunday.
This convent, mandated the chairwoman, Monika Kryemadhi, the Parliamentary Group of the party and the headship to lead in the decriminalization process of politics and the war on organized crime and drug trafficking.
This party also decided to not accept any alliance with other groups or individuals in politics that have problems with justice.
"We fully support the Party Chairwoman and SMI steering forums, to lead the Party in political co-operation with other parties, civil society actors and other political and social factors of all levels who are ready for a clear and uncompromising opposition against the government of the 'Renaissance'.
Unity is strength! Anti-crime and anti-drugs alliances cannot be stymied by any ideological divisions. Political decision-making by the President and the Presidency should be made in line with the concrete political developments in the country, but in no case should any agreement or compromise with organized crime and drug affiliates be accepted," underlined the resolution of SMI.
From the other side, SMI supports the total removal of the immunity for all MPs and high officials. According to this party, all must be equal in front of the law.
"SMI will support any prosecutor, police officer or judge who according to the law requires to investigate politicians of any political party in majority or in opposition. SMI considers the collaboration with the socialists impossible. SP is a group that works for the interests of the crime and drugs. We are open for collaboration with socialists but not the 'Renaissance'," underlines the resolution.

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