Ivan Balliu: Albania's Invitation, Most Welcomed
Albanian Daily News
Published November 5, 2017
The Albanian player Ivan Balliu, who recently joined the ranks of the National Team, spoke about his experience with the Red and Black flannel during an interview given to the Spanish media. He expressed the satisfaction for the fact that he has become part of Panucci's team while confessing that he did not hesitated even for a moment when the invitation was extended to him.

"Being a National Team player gives you additional value as footballer. I did not hesitate not even for a moment when the invitation to join this team was extended to me and I found a great group of players. If your are given the opportunity to make a good performance against Germany, England or France than you become known on a international level and many doors are opened," said Balliu.

The 25-year-old who currently plays with Metz in the French championship gave also his impressions about Albania's performance over the years.
"Albania reached the European finals with Gianni De Biasi managing to qualify thanks to a series of brilliant performances. This team is growing up in terms of football and game quality. It is looking for players who may have Albanian origin and this creates a qualitative improvement of the team," stressed the young footballer.


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