Gjirokastra's Theater Brings 'Last Moon's in Tirana
Albanian Daily News
Published November 4, 2017
‘Last Moons’, a play written by the known Italian drama-writer Furio Bordon was successfully presented by Gjirokastra’s theater troop on the stage of Tirana’s National Experimental Theater “Kujtim Spahivogli”. This play, which came on stage under the direction of Vasil Cuklla, focuses in one of the major problems of the nowadays society, the elders forgetfulness by the young generations. The motives that lead to the elders’ abandonment in asylums, often related not only to an attempt to facilitate one’s life but also to the incongruity between generations, are the epicenter of this play.

Gjirokastra’s theater director Kudret Alikaj said that this play conveys powerful messages that coincide with nowadays society.

“The drama’s subject focuses on an old widowed man that lives with his son but is forced to go in an asylum due to insufficient space at their house. The play moves around the idea that the man does not like this idea and so does his son but is forced to accept this choice. This play contains powerful emotional components,” said director Alikaj.

This psychological drama that deals with an element that is being scarcer each day in the Albanian society will return in Gjirokastra’s theater stage after this successful presentation in Tirana.


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