EUR 800.000 Sum Belongs to Tahiri - Says Basha
Albanian Daily News
Published November 4, 2017
The Democrat leader, Lulzim Basha denounces former-Minister of Interior Sajmir Tahiri as the man behind the EUR 800.000 sum seized by the police during business man Orest Sota arrest.Through a public statement on Saturday he declared that the opposition was in possession of proofs that this huge sum seized during Sota’s arrest three days ago belongs to Tahiri.

“The entire sum of EUR 800.000, along with the boating licenses for boats from 20 Tons to 100 Tons seized by the police, belongs to the former-Minister of Interior Tahiri. One of the boats was removed from Durresi harbor on October 19 only two days after the Habilaj’s wiretapping were made public.

Likewise, in spite of the fact that businessman Sota denies his acquaintance with Tahiri there exist clear proofs that they have traveled several times abroad with the same car,” declared Basha.

He also accused Prime Minister Edi Rama and the State Police General Haki Çako as the ones that ordered the huge sum of EUR and two boating licenses in Tahiri’s name seizure publication delay.


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