Xhafaj: Government's War on Cannabis, Successful Story
Albanian Daily News
Published November 3, 2017
The Minister of Interior Fatmir Xhafaj labels government's war on cannabis cultivation a successful story. He emphasized that situation has changed drastically during these last 7 months that he has been sitting in the minister's chair thanks to the State Police commitment to put an end to this phenomenon.

During a speech in a joint conference between Albania and Italy for the presentation of annual report on cannabis cultivation organized on Friday Xhafaj said that many were initially skeptical about these results.

"Nearly 7 months ago when I took office as Minister of Interior both I and Prime Minister Edi Rama declared that this year would see the end of cannabis cultivation in Albania. Many were skeptical while others used a cynical tone while referring to this promise, but in spite of this we chose to operate in silence with maximal commitment. This way of doing resulted to be the right one and enabled this successful story in the fight against narcotics," said Xhafaj.

He also extended a message of gratitude to the Italian Minister of Interior Marco Minniti, present in this conference, by saying that 'Italy never left us alone in this war'.

"A good friend is seen in a difficult moment. We look forward to the enhancement of bilateral collaboration on view of the fact that the goals are the same. This year's successful results are only the first step," declared the minister.

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