Crime, DP Abandons Economy and Finances Committee
Albanian Daily News
Published November 3, 2017
Democratic Party (DP) continues its boycott against the parliamentary committee meetings. The Democrat MPs abandoned on Friday the Economy and Finances Parliamentary Committee meeting during the discussion of draft-budget 2018. This way of doing by the opposition's main political force is related to the former-Minister of Interior Sajmir Tahiri issue.

The DP parliamentary group chair, Edmond Spaho declared that opposition's attitude aims to urge public opinion to react over government's collaboration with organized crime.

"Parliamentary committees' meetings boycott is part of our political attitude. Opposition refuses to back up majority's efforts to present the current situation as totally normal. As long Tahiri's parliamentary immunity is not removed the situation is far from being normal. The organized crime has become part of the governance. Our action is a call for reaction against this hazardous situation," declared Spaho.

The Economy and Finances committee chair, Socialist MP Erion Braçe reacted over DP decision to abandon the meeting by declaring that 'propaganda should not become part of this committee's works'.

"Tahiri has no immunity, thus the prosecution has the right and authority to conduct a thorough inquiry on him," declared Braçe.

Meantime the Socialist Movement for Integration (SMI) representatives in this committee, MPs, Edmond Haxhinasto and Perparim Spahiu attended the discussions on draft-budget 2018.

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