Renaissance Brought Down Justice Reform - Says Vasili
Albanian Daily News
Published November 3, 2017
The Socialist Movement for Integration (SMI) parliamentary group chairman, Petrit Vasili accuses the 'Renaissance' of definitively bringing down the judicial reform. Through a public statement on Friday he stressed that the principle of judicial reform laws drafting by the experts has been infringed by the majority, thus all the laws now belong to the Renaissance.

"The judicial reform was definitively brought down by the 'Renaissance'. Even the most disinterested citizen for these kinds of issues has not forgotten that the US Ambassador Donald Lu and EU Ambassador Romana Vlahutin publicly guaranteed that the justice reform laws would be drafted by experts and would be presented without amendments in parliament. This decision was taken on view of the fact that the experts were independent, backed by EURALIUS, OPDAT and Venice Commission, thus politics would not be allowed to capture justice.
This principle was openly violated by the 'Renaissance'. The justice reform laws will from now on be totally drafted by the Renaissance, which last night changed even the content and title of the law drafted by the experts. The same way of doing was seen two weeks ago when they shortened the staff and funds for vetting bodies.

The judicial reform was brought down. The reform principles and the experts group with EURALIUS and OPDAT was slated. The justice reform was captured on broad daylight," wrote Vasili.

In conclusion he extended a direct appeal to the US Ambassador Lu and EU Ambassador Vlahutin inviting them to react on view of the high level of disappointment currently experienced by the citizens in relation to this issue.

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