Mallakastra Mayor 'Fate' to Be Defined by CEC
Albanian Daily News
Published November 3, 2017
The fate of Mallakastra mayor Agron Kapllanaj mandate will be defined on Friday by the Central Election Commission on view of his alleged violation of the decriminalization law.

The Socialist Party (SP) General Secretary Taulant Balla urged to CEC to approve Kapllanaj's mandate removal in accordance to the decriminalization law.

"CEC should no longer allow Kapllanaj to exercise this function on view of the fact that his self-declaration form indicates that the mayor has served a two-year conviction and has paid a EUR 200 fine for thievery," declared Balla.

Meantime referring to the fact that prosecution has failed to prove Kapllanaj's violation of the decriminalization law Balla accused this institution of indirect support toward Mallakastra's mayor.

"The prosecution seems to be openly supporting Mayor Kapllanaj on view of the fact that the document submitted to the CEC includes an interpretation of the decriminalization law. This institution claims that the 10-year period forbiddance time foreseen by the decriminalization law for this kind of conviction has expired one year ago. In fact the law leaves no room for interpretation by CEC, thus this way of doing is a clear violation and an open attempt to defend Mayor Kapllanaj," stated Balla.

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