DP, Lowest Expenditures on June 25th Elections
Albanian Daily News
Published November 3, 2017
A report on the political parties' expenditures in the framework of June 25th parliamentary elections recently made public by the Central Elections Commission (CEC) indicates that Democratic Party (DP) conducted the poorest electoral campaign amid running parties.

According to the CEC report Democratic Party spent a sum of ALL 58.197.289, the equivalent of USD 508.000. This political force has declared that no donation, membership's fee or sponsorship has been received during this electoral campaign.

The Democrat's electoral campaign was realized with the funds allocated by the State's budget. Furthermore the Democrat leader Lulzim Basha chose to use only ALL 58 Million for the electoral campaign from a total of ALL 88 Million allocated by CEC through the state's budget. This figure coincided with nearly half of the sum spent by Socialist Party (SP).

Some 4 foreign consulting companies were hired by DP in the framework of June 25th elections with a total expenditure of ALL 15.399.109 or around USD 140.000.

The CEC report also shows that DP spent a sum of ALL 21.5 Million or around USD 190.000 for electoral rallies during this campaign.

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