Borchardt: Electoral Reform to Be Launched Soon
Albanian Daily News
Published November 3, 2017
Head of OSCE presence in Albania, Ambassador Bernd Borchardt called for a near launch of the electoral reform, in a roundtable organized by the Central Election Commission and Council of Europe's Office in Tirana.
Ambassador Borchardt greeted the early establishment of the ad hoc Parliamentary Committee on Electoral Reform. He also underlined that an inclusive electoral reform is a necessity to meet all OSCE/ODIHR recommendations on the last and previous elections.
On his part, CEC chairman, Klement Zguri underlined that the future electoral reform is both a leap ahead to a better standard election process as well as constitutes the premise to Albania's major objective in the future.
In addition, Zguri said that this reform has to be complete, inclusive, transparent, fair and altruistic, thus it tolerates no failures.
"It is time that political leadership to demonstrate willingness and determination, it is time to establish security and provide guarantee, to adopt and complete legislation by learning from past mistakes," CEC chairman Klement Zguri concluded.
In his speech, the head of OSCE/ODIHR observation mission for June 25 elections, Peter Tejler called for the change of political behavior to successfully achieve reforms. He also criticized the boycott to Parliament. According to him, focus must stay on recommendations because they must be implemented.
"Meantime, a lack of trust is noticed in the system not only by voters but even by parties. I must say something, and I may be critical at this point, but I am not sure that boycotting Parliament is the solution to problems. If you want to be successful not only with reforms but even with EU integration you should change political behavior," said Tejler, as quoted by local media.

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