A Roundtable for Two Initiatives
Albanian Daily News
Published November 1, 2017
"The sixth meeting of the leaders of the '16 plus 1' initiative will be held in Budapest, Hungary, in November, and we are hardly expecting to work with the leaders of the Central and Eastern Europe, including those of Albania, to put at work the wisdom and power for the deepening of cooperation in the frame of '16 plus 1' as well as for the promotion of the 'One Belt, One Road' initiative," has said the Chinese Ambassador to Tirana, Jiang Yu.
The Ambassador disclosed the announcement on the holding of the Budapest Summit during her thematic speech at a round-table organized by the Cooperation & Development Institute (CDI) in partnership with the Chinese Embassy to Albania, the China - CEEC Think Tanks Exchange and Cooperation Network Office, and with Albanian Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs, which is the National Coordinator of 16 plus 1 Cooperation Initiative in Tirana on Tuesday. This is the first seminar being organized over these years in the frame of cooperation between Chinese and Albanian think-tanks having "One Belt, One Road" and "16 plus 1" initiatives as the main highlight of the agenda and was attended by Albanian Deputy Foreign Minister, also Coordinator of '16 plus 1' Cooperation Initiative, Etjen Xhafaj, Director China-CEEC Thinks Tanks Exchange and Cooperation Network Office Lu Zuokui, Albanian deputies, economic researchers, media representatives and Chinese businessmen.
"Albania is a country along 'One Belt, One Road' as well as participant in the '16 plus 1' initiative," said Ambassador Yu recalling the traditional and deep Chinese-Albanian friendship and hoping that the friendly feelings between the two people would turn into fruits of mutual beneficial cooperation through those initiatives.
Making a balance-sheet of the growing level of the cooperation between China and Albania, she said that currently the overall investments of the Chinese entrepreneurs in Albania surpass 700 million US dollars employing about 1500 local employees.

Referring to the 19th Congress of the Communist Party of China, which was held recently in Beijing, Ms. Jiang Yu said the Congress determined that the Chinese foreign diplomacy of the new era should promote the building of a community of common destines of the humankind. Being concrete, the Chinese Ambassador introduced to the roundtable four proposals, which in a nutshell focused on the creation of a social foundation of popular polls of cooperation, which requires not only the government support but also the role of think-tanks, entrepreneurs and media. Secondly, the two initiatives as well as the Joint Economic and Trade Commission and other mechanisms should be used better. The Chinese side encourages its entrepreneurs to take part in cooperation in Albanian projects and from the all-inclusive position they could explore trilateral cooperation, that is Chinese-Albanian-European, to make common profits, said the Ambassador. Thirdly, a combination of the superiorities and needs of each other should be efficiently explored for the cooperation, and, according to Ms. Jiang Yu, the four main lines of the rapid development of the Albanian economy are infrastructure, energy, agriculture and tourism. Besides economic cooperation the Chinese side wished exchanges of the youth groups between the two countries. Fourthly, the Ambassador suggested that a favorable business climate should be created so that both parties could resolve properly relevant problems according to laws, and expressed the expectation that the Albanian side would offer political support as well as facilitating measures for the foreign investors including the Chinese entrepreneurs for the creation of an equal, just, free and transparent environment.

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