When Messages Come from Industrial Wastes
Albanian Daily News
Published November 1, 2017
Making artwork with the materials and industrial wastes of pre-90’s closed factories and turning them into objects that please the eye. This special idea is the brainchild of artist Sadik Spahia mind who will present his unusual creations to the public starting since November 1 in the premises of the new cultural center “The Turbine”. Spahija bring an instillation conceived as a combination of many human factors which integrates not only professional experiences but also human experiences carried in these industrial wastes under the title ‘Vox Machina”.
“These industrial objects with psychological attributes, loaded with memories as a vector of past experiences and already loaded with a variety of experience points reflect the pattern of our imagination and evoke the reflection of our being in the common product as an indicator of our social behavior,” says the artist while narrating the idea of this unique creation.
This expo-installation, realized under the auspice of Edi Muka includes the choreographies of Gjergj Prevazi, music of Haig Zaharian, Endri Sina and Ramazan Gurra and is organized by Klod Dedja.
Sadik Spahija’s work will welcome the public until November 10.


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