Kryemadhi: Albania - China Cooperation Enhancement Needed
Albanian Daily News
Published November 1, 2017
The Socialist Movement for Integration (SMI) chairwoman, Monika Kryemadhi met on Wednesday with Ambassador of the People's Republic of China, Jiang Yu. She praised the excellent friendly relations between two countries, while commending also China's commitment to support Albania's economic development.

“We support the 'One Generation-One Road' program and the 16 + 1 process for Central and Eastern Europe and see it as an important opportunity of cooperation between two countries,” declared Kryemadhi, while expressing the full support for the establishment of the Center for Youth Organizations in Albania within the framework of this initiative.

She also expressed the deepest gratitude for the attention dedicated by the China’s embassy to local projects and development of the agricultural sector and other sectors in Albania.

China's Ambassador Yu commended the role played by SMI in Albania’s political arena while expressing the readiness to further deepen two countries cooperation. During her speech, the Ambassador said that the relations between two countries are based on human relations between governments and political parties.


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