Stefan Capaliku's Trilogy Published in Paris
Albanian Daily News
Published November 1, 2017
'Albanica Trilogy' is the latest collection of dramas written by Stefan Çapaliku that has been published in France by the 'A child's space' publishing house. This trilogy includes three plays, respectively the monodrama "I am from Albania", the serious comedy "Allegreto Albania" and "Made in Albania" drama, translated in French language by Anna Couthures with a preface by Ardian Marashi.

The "I'm from Albania" monodrama was written in 2005 and was staged by the X05 Theater Laboratory under the direction Ema Andrea & Stefan Capaliku, through the performance of Ema Andrea.

This monodrama was staged some 21 times in Tirana, Elbasan, Durrës, Korça, Vlora, Shkodra and also in Tetovo, Bitola, Ohrid, Tuz, Braila, Bari and Paris.

The serious comedy "Allegretto Albania" had its world debut in 2007 at the National Theater in Skopje, under the direction of Alfred Trebicka. During the same year "Allegretto Albania" was proclaimed as the Best Play of the Year by the Albania's Ministry of Culture. The second production of this comedy took place a year later at the Albanian National Theater under the direction of Altin Basha.

In 2009 Marius Dobrescu translated the play in Romanian and this version was presented in Bucharest's "Odeon" Theater under the direction of Cristian Dumitru.

n 2010, "Allegretto Albania" represented Albania for the first time in the theater's biennial "New Plays from Europe" in Wisbaden and Mainz, Germany, where was awarded the first prize by the International Critics Forum.

In 2011 this piece was staged at the Washington Ambassador Theater, under the direction of Joe Martin with the translation of Professor Mark Stringham. In 2014 the play saw the fifth production at the National Theater of Montenegro under the direction of Idriz Gjoka with the translation of Agron Camaj.

The "Made in Albania" polyphonic drama was staged for the first time in April of 2016 at the National Experimental Theater in Tirana under the direction of Altin Basha and was then stages 25 times in Tirana, Durrës, Pristina, Tetovo, where it was also awarded "The Best Drama" prize at the Balkan Festival of the National Drama.

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