Himara Demolitions Generates 'Clashes' in Athens
Albanian Daily News
Published November 1, 2017
The houses demolition in Himara generates 'clashes' between Greek authorities and the opposition's parties. The Greek Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikos Kotzias declared during a communication with journalists on Wednesday that the urbanization of a third country can't be stopped, while asked for the ownership titles to be given to the Greek minority.

"We can't prevent a third country's urbanization. On the other side we ask for the observation of minority's ownership right," said Kotzias, while referring to the case of a gas-station owned by a Greek minority representative for whom the Albanian Vice-Prime Minister and the Minister of Infrastructure and Energetic guaranteed the permit to open it elsewhere.

Meantime the Greek opposition's parties, especially New Democracy, harshly reacted against the houses demolition in Himara calling to the Albanian government to immediately interrupt this process.

"Any kind of activity that infringes the Greek minority in Himara rights undertaken by the Albanian authorities should cease immediately," underlined this political force through a press release issued for this purpose.

They also suggested to the Athens authorities to sit in the negotiations table with Albanian authorities looking for a definitive solution of this issue.

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