Forum for Protection of Cultural Heritage Draws Attention on Butrint Scandal
Albanian Daily News
Published November 1, 2017
The Forum for Protection of Cultural Heritage (FPCH) draws attention on what became known as 'Butrint Scandal', the works for the construction of a coffee-shop within the ancient ruins perimeter.
In a public statement issued on Wednesday this forum rose suspicions that the works interruption by order of the Ministry of Culture is just temporary, while addressing some requests to this ministry and Saranda prosecution.

"The Ministry of Culture should nullify the contract and construction permits within park's perimeter granted to private entities until the approval of the Butrint Management Plan. This plan is not only a UNESCO obligation, but also a document that will contain the expertise needed for future development of the archaeological site and will demonstrate the real need for inland park services. The management plan should also be drafted through with open consultations with UNESCO experts, the World Bank, the Butrint Foundation as well as with the general public and other stakeholders. This is the best model of Butrint development and will also provide the necessary agreement for such initiatives that are not just a single ministry or institution," declared the Forum.

Likewise the forum encourages Saranda prosecution to continue the inquiry on the works in Butrint, which as stated by the Minister of Culture Mirela Kumbaro exceeded the project's foreseen surface, and bring to the justice the project's implementers and the representatives of institution that should had monitored the process.

The suspension of artisan artists removal from the territory of the Butrint Park giving them sufficient time to meet the standards required for the provision of souvenir service or otherwise to find another way for their families' economic support until the approval of the management plan is another requested presented by the FPCH to the Ministry of Culture.

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