Naval Radars Scandal, SMI Warns Hearings
Albanian Daily News
Published October 31, 2017
The Vice-chairman of Socialist Movement for Integration (SMI), Luan Rama, one of the politicians that have repeatedly denounced the naval radars scandal, gives a public answer to the Socialist MP Pjerin Ndreu in relation to his request for hearing sessions on this issue.

Through a public declaration on Tuesday he explained the reason behind request for hearing sessions in National Security Committee with the highest ranks officials of the institutions related to the naval radars system.

"Since we were in the process of approving the committee's work program I suggested tge inclusion in the agenda of a series of hearings with the chiefs of the security and law enforcement institutions, namely the General Director of State Police, Army's Chief of General Staff, National Informative Service (NIS) General, Attorney General and Head of Supreme Audit Institute (SAI) aiming to enable an official introduction of the committee with the radar malfunction issue.

On view of the opportunity and loyalty I referred to Article 33 of the Rules of Procedure, since I really felt that for the exercise of the constitutional responsibility of civil control and transparency towards citizens, I would also find the agreement of the MPs of the parliamentary majority. Article 33 gives this opportunity and I wanted the decision to be consensual, thus to be voted even by Pjerin, to whom I hereby quote the above mentioned article 33, which respectively talks about the committee's work organization and says: Upon the approval of the committee's chairmanship or when requested by the majority of committee's members, the chairman calls for reporting or information to the heads of state and public institutions in front of the committee.

That's all I asked for, the approval of the committee's chairmanship or the majority of committee's members to jointly include in the agenda the hearings related to the naval radars malfunctioning. But, instead of approving my request the Renaissance Socialists rejected it.

I referred to the article 33 inviting the majority's MPs to consensually share my request for these hearings.

Hellas, my request was rejected thus now you will be forced to act in accordance to the article 36, which states that the committee is obligated to hold hearings even if requested only by one third of its members," said Luana Rama addressing to the Socialist MP, Pjerin Ndreu.

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