'Musical Meeting of Two Worlds' Unfolds Classical Music Magic
Albanian Daily News
Published October 31, 2017
Sounds of classical music, combined with the Albanian and Montenegrin traditions, will be presented on Tuesday evening in a special concert to be held in Tirana that will see the participation of Albanian piano-player Silva SkŽnderi and Montenegrin violinist Miran Begic.
This artistic event, which is expected to Ďraise the curtainsí at 19:00 in Tiranaís ĎSheratoní Hotel, will be presented to the capitalís public in the framework of 11th edition of ĎMusical Meeting of Two Worldsí International Festival. This festival conveys as always the message that music is the best communication language between different people.
Gala Concert Program "Where Classic Music Meets with Tradition" includes three sonatas by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig van Bethoven, Edvard Grieg, a dance composed by Alexander Peci and Hercigonja Dances.
This concert fulfills the festivalís mission by intertwining different musical genres, on view of he fact that the combination of classical and traditional music has been the leitmotif of these 11 editions.
Combining both worlds into one, combining tradition and identity with classics and modernity while remaining loyal to your identity, this is the festivalís leitmotif.

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