SMI, Vasili: Rama, Big Boycotter of Draft-Budget 2018
Albanian Daily News
Published October 31, 2017
The chairman of Socialist Movement for Integration (SMI) parliamentary group Petrit Vasili spares no accusations against Prime Minister Edi Rama while referring to the draft-budget 2018.

“The draft-budget is the most important document presented by a government and the Prime Minister to the citizens. In spite of this fact that draft budget 2018 has not been signed by Premier Edi Rama because he has no clue about its importance. He is the big boycotter. The absence of Premier’s signature in the most important document that illustrates government’s economic policies is a clear indicator of his disgust for the people. We have neither seen nor will ever see a Prime Minister that boycotts his government. When he is the first to boycott his government’s document why should we be the one to vote it? He chose to spend many hours defending the illicit traffics instead of reading this important document. His boycott is the most dangerous one proving Premier’s total disregard for its people,” declared Vasili during a press conference on Tuesday.

He also stressed that state’s capture by the organized crime and drugs traffickers has been already confirmed even by the international partners while adding that opposition’s parties could not become part of the draft-budget consideration on view of the current situation.


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