Bushati: June 25th Elections, the Best in Post-Transition Period
Albanian Daily News
Published October 31, 2017
The Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, Ditmir Bushati, hosted on Tuesday the OSCE / ODIHR observers' delegation that monitored the June 25th general elections in Albania, led by Ambassador Peter Taylor.
The minister considered the June 25th elections as the best elections in the post-transition period.
"The political climate which followed the pact reached between the leaders of two main political forces generated the right conditions not only for the participation of the opposition in this process but also guaranteed the highest electoral standards," declared Bushati.
He also informed the interlocutors that the political forces in Albania have expressed their willingness to realize a comprehensive electoral reform, adding that a special parliamentary committee has been established for this purpose.
Referring to this issue Bushati stressed that it is in everyone's interest that the continuation of the political consensus reached on the electoral reform to continue until its fulfillment, on the eve of next local elections.
Ambassador Tejler thanked the government for the support during the fulfillment of their observation mission of the general parliamentary elections as well as the opportunity to present the OSCE / ODIHR final report on the elections.
"We appreciate the interior debate on the improvement of the electoral system, the establishment of a special parliamentary committee for the electoral reform, based on the OSCE / ODIHR recommendations," declared Ambassador Tejler, while expressing this organism readiness to cooperate with all political actors in Albania for the fulfillment of electoral reform.

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