600 OSHEE Employees Tested in Tirana
Albanian Daily News
Published October 31, 2017
The Electricity Power Distribution Operator (OSHEE) has undertaken a reform in the human resources sector. The first tests for the field employees have already started, as forewarned two weeks ago by the OSHEE General Director Ardian Çela while publicly announcing some 11 vacancies for the position of regional directors.
Some 400 OSHEE employees, mostly electricians, measurements verifiers, data analysts, etc have been tested so far.
The testing process consists in the overall formulation, not only theoretically, but also at the practical level of performing the functions, including knowledge on technical security that is much needed, steps that are taken while dealing with electrical equipment, etc.
"We are already processing the test results for the first 400 OSHEE employees in Tirana. The goal is to identify not only the compliance with the profile they have undertaken to perform at OSHEE but also to assess the need for further training. All employees who are not in compliance with the company's requirements will be immediately dismissed," said Jahaj.
The second phase of testing will include positions at managerial levels and the work position compatibility with the employee's education. The whole process for Tirana is expected to be completed within November and will then be extend to all regional directorates.
This reform in the human resources reform, the next and most important step following the stabilization of the company's economic indicators, is considered to be very important and will continue to be accompanied by constant changes within the new law on electricity that carries structural changes in the way in which OSHEE is managed.

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