Martin Camaj's 'Silver Lamp' Arrives in Tirana
Albanian Daily News
Published October 30, 2017
The success of the 'Silver Lamp', a powerful drama written by the renowned written and academic Martin Camaj in the stage of 'Migjeni' theater in Shkodra was followed by another successful presentation last weekend in Tirana. This drama was presented to the capital's public in the stage of Experimental Theater "Kujtim Spahivogli" by the actors of Shkodra's "Migjeni" theater. The play's presentation in Tirana was the continuation of the late director Fatbardh Smaja to present it in different stages of the country.
This drama, which expresses the author's critical attitude toward the communist-era in Albania, brought on stage a brilliant cast of actors composed by Rita Gjeka, Jozef Shiroka, Merita Smaja, Agron Dizdari, Eliona Shkreli, Enver Hyseni, Nikolin Ferketa and Simon Shkreli.
In spite of the fact that it was written in 1045 this play conveys powerful messages that coincide even with the present days' situation.
"This is play that has much to say on view of the fact that not much has been said about the earlier years after country's liberation. The fact that wealthy families experienced the pressure of a dictatorial power generated a difficult situation and even incited conflicts within them. These things happen when the dictate and violence escalate," said actress Merita Smaja.
"The Silver Lamp" is a social-political drama where the author narrates with a stunning realism the man under the communist regime, his qualities along with positive and negatives elements.

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