Government Forewarns National Scale Raid for Drinking Water
Albanian Daily News
Published October 30, 2017
A national scale raid aimed to end the abuses with drinking water was forewarned on Monday by Prime Minister Edi Rama during a meeting with Socialist parliamentary group. The chief of executive stated that drinking water is a product that should be equally paid by everyone. He also labeled as frightening the fact that Albania currently consumes a much higher quantity of water in comparison to the population necessities.

“A short-deadline will be given to the abusers with drinking water and those in debt with the water supply company to solve this issue and pay their bills. The drinking water can’t and will not be allowed to become the origin of an unacceptable financial situation. This situation is similar to the one experienced a few year ago with the energy supply, thus it’s time to resolve this problem once and forever,” declared PM Rama.

The Premier also declared that a financial endorsement package is currently being drafted by the Ministry of Finances for the families that families that are part of social welfare scheme in order to help cope with the burden of drinking water bill.


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