Albanian Lecturer Arrested in Malaysia on Terrorism Released
Albanian Daily News
Published October 29, 2017
A 35-years old Albanian lecturer who was arrested a few weeks ago in Malaysia on ground of links with terrorism has been released. The news for the release of Klodian Zaimaj, whose Muslim name is Ibrahim, was given by the former-Imam of a mosque in Tirana, Armand Ali through a public message.

The latest accused the Albanian media and the prosecution of denigrating the Muslim believers’ image by publishing the name and image of the lecturer arrested due to his alleged ties with terrorism.

“The Malaysian authorities acted with maximal caution releasing only the initials of the arrested Albanian professor on view of the fact that in this country suspicions may turn into facts only if backed by strong proofs. Meantime the opposite happens in Albania, especially when dealing with imams or Muslim believers. Here the slanders are used by the prosecution as facts leading to their conviction,” wrote Ali, while adding that Klodian Zaimaj has safely returned to Albania.


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