Ruci: EU Integration, Balkans' Countries Common Objective
Albanian Daily News
Published October 27, 2017
Parliament Speaker Gramoz Ruçi attended the 8th Conference of Parliament Speakers of Western Balkan Countries in Budapest, Hungary on Friday. He co-chaired this conference’s first session whose topic was “EU Integration: Results and Aspirations”. In his speech Ruci underlined the importance of Western Balkan countries’ membership in the European Union.

“Today, we all feel proud of living in a region where peace and stability prevail, where we have more things that unite us than the things that divide us. Of course, one of the key things that unites us is confidence in EU values, is the common goal and determination to be part of it,” said Speaker Ruçi.

Justice reform was also part of Speaker Ruçi speech during this conference as a key element in Albania’s path toward European integration.

“The Albanian Parliament has unanimously adopted 7 prior laws that accompany the constitutional amendments, including the law on vetting; has approved 13 laws from the package of 27 drafts of justice reform and has continued to work on the drafting of 14 other draft laws of this legal package,” stated Ruçi.


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