Heroine and Cannabis Seized in Durres, 3 Arrested
Albanian Daily News
Published October 27, 2017
Two anti-narcotics raids were successfully finalized by Durres police on Friday leading to the seizure of a quantity of heroine and cannabis sativa. Three people were also arrested by the polic during those raids coded "Continuity" and "Mafsheq".

The results of these anti-narcotics raids were announced during a press conference convened by the Durres police director Alfred Çepe.

"An investigation conducted since several months by the anti-narcotics specialists of Durres police in cooperation with Durresi prosecution office led the arrest of Nderim Mona, 52 and Arjan Abdyli, 20. A third person, identified as E.R. 31 will also be prosecuted on grounds of involvement in this illicit activity. Some 117 grams of heroin, one electronic weighting-machine, a sum of ALL 40.000 and 11 cell-phones were seized in quality of material proofs during this raid coded "Continuity".

Likewise, another raid coded "Mafsheq", conducted by the anti-narcotics specialists in cooperation with Kruja police was finalized with the arrest in flagrance of Lik Kabili, 64. Some 22 kilograms of cannabis sativa were seized by the police at the end of a minute inspection in his house," declared Çepe.

The arrested individuals will now be prosecuted on grounds of narcotics possession and attempted distribution.

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