Himara Citizens to Be Treated with Care, Says Sourani
Albanian Daily News
Published October 27, 2017
The Greek Ambassador to Tirana, Eleni Sourani stated on Thursday that authorities in the country must be more careful when handling issues concerning minorities, while speaking about the case of Himara.
The Greek ambassador visited Vlora, where she met with the Prefect of Vlora, Etjona Hoxha to obtain more information on this issue, saying that Greece is interested in having good relations with Albania and also for the residents of Himara to receive a careful treatment.
“I’m here to discuss cooperation opportunities with Vlora and its areas. We’re also looking into the possibility of collaborating with the municipality of Vlora, and peripheral areas. Residents of Himara must be treated with particular care and the project must not affect them. The Greek state is attentive on everything that happens in areas where the Greek minority lives and not only in Himara,” the ambassador said.
Greece is taking a special interest for the issue of Himara, because the residents in this area are against the project of the urban improvement, which affects their properties.


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