AAF to Be Equipped with New Air Radar System
Albanian Daily News
Published October 26, 2017
The Minister of Defense Olta Xhaçka declared that Albanian Armed Forces (AAF) budget will be increased with ALL 400 Million. According to the minister, this fund, recently allocated by the government, will be used for the AAF modernization.
"Through this budget increase we have been provided the necessary funds for the purchase of a new air radar system, the first investment aimed to preserve the Albanian skies in democracy," stated Xhaçka.
She also declared that a joint inspection group will be set-up in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior to inspect in detail the current situation of the maritime space observation.
Minister Xhaçka also informed the journalists that the Ministry of Defense is conducting a verification process of the assets that are not currently used as military deployments.
"The Ministry of Defense has started a thorough check on all former assets under its administration. Each command has been ordered to use all available human resources to correctly identify the current status of those assets that are currently not military deployments. This inspection aims to prevent the possibility of exercising illegal activities in these assets," declared Xhaçka.

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