Attacked Journalists, All against Rama
Albanian Daily News
Published October 25, 2017
The Association of Professional Journalists and the Association of Journalists of Albania expressed the deep indignation of the attack and insults of Prime Minister Edi Rama against the media on Wednesday, after the parliamentary session.
"This is an repeated act of the prime minister's attitude to the media, but this time, the prime minister's verbal attacks had unacceptable intimidating tones. We expresses our concern about the insults and intimidation that Prime Minister Edi Rama made to the media.
It is not the media fault that Italian justice has managed to eavesdrop the Albanian narcotics, the relatives of the former interior minister of the government. It is not the fault of the Albanian media that the prosecution of the serious crimes of Albania has started the investigation and asked the assembly to arrest the former interior minister," reacted the associations.
Against the Prime Minister behavior reacted even the political leaders as Democrat Lulzim Basha and SMI chairwoman, Monika Kryemadhi.


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