Tirana Municipality, Ready to Cope with Civil Emergencies
Albanian Daily News
Published October 25, 2017
The Emergency Warehouse, furnished with a large quantity of food and clothing, that will serve to the people in need in case of civil emergencies has been set up by Tirana Municipality. Mayor Erion Veliaj visited this warehouse on Wednesday praising the work done so far while appealing to the business to contribute for the people in need.

"It's not enough to be a successful businessman if you do not share this success, especially in a difficult moment, with the people in need. Thanks to the municipality staff' work the warehouse is always full and is refurbished on a daily basis to cope with possible emergency situations," said Veliaj.

He declared that these precautional measures are being followed with a large scale cleansing action of the collectors around the city and the demolition of illicit objects constructed on top of them.

"In addition to preparing for emergencies during the summer we have been doing infrastructure work, cleaning the Lana River, we have removed hundreds of tons of inert, we have cleaned the sewage pipes waiting for the rains and have sealed the barriers to ensure that incoming rains will cause no floods in the districts," stated the mayor.


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