Spanish Magazine: Tirana, Europe Coolest City
Albanian Daily News
Published October 25, 2017
The prestigious Spanish magazine "Conde Nast Traveler" has dedicated a special article to Tirana, listing the Albanian capital among the Europe's most beautiful cities. The magazine writes that Barcelona, Brussels and Birmingham are already some of most serious contenders for the title 'Europe's coolest city'.
In her article the famous magazine focused on some of the most interesting cultural objects of the Albanian capital but without putting aside even the rich traditional cuisine.
"Everything moves around 'Scanderbeg' square. Tirana's 'cool' factor focused on the 'Block' area, situated near the city's center that hosts the National Opera and Ballet Theater (NOBT) and in proximity of the National Gallery of Arts (NGA). This area was once a secluded neighborhood used exclusively by the highest ranks officials of the communist regime," writes "Conde Nast Traveler".
The Spanish magazine defined the numerous coffee shops as city's most attractive element.
"If you are a coffee shop fan brace yourself up because Tirana has a large number of them. In general, Balkans region is very fond of time spent in a coffee shop and Albania makes no exception.
The magazine focuses also on the city's Ottoman history, communist relics, architecture, culture, nature, competitive prices, but also special colors, all elements that according to the article will not be found anywhere.

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