SMI, Spahiu: Government, Forced by IMF to Step Back on VAT
Albanian Daily News
Published October 25, 2017
The Socialist Movement for Integration (SMI) MP, Perparim Spahiu reacts over the government's decision to step back on Valued Added Tax for the small business. In a public declaration on Wednesday he stressed that this decision was the result of pressure exercised by International Monetary Fund (IMF).

"The government took a backward step in relation to the VAT on small business due to the pressure exercised by IMF. ON the other side this decision was absolutely not related to their concern about the citizens' economy but to the certitude that VAT collecting costs would had been much higher than the incomes. They stood back from the 6% tax on the dividend, an absurd decision that would generate profits only for these investors operating in total informality.

Meantime no one seems to be willing to mention the 'One Billion' investment plan. The current situation makes it much more difficult to use the drugs money as funds for investments.

Likewise no tax incentive that would pave the way to foreign investments has been foreseen while regional countries are competing with us in a daily basis. It means that Albanians will continue to seek asylum.

The only thing they did was backing up the hostelry investors, a move that in my opinion has a clientage background. I leave it to the citizens to decide if they are they just incompetent or they do it on purpose," wrote the SMI MP.

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