Tahiri: I Don't Expect My Right to Be Unveiled in Parliament
Albanian Daily News
Published October 25, 2017
The former-Minister of Interior Sajmir Tahiri addressed to the parliament on Wednesday during a session that will see the voting of Mandates and Immunity Council reports based on a request submitted by the Serious Crimes Prosecution for the authorization to arrest him.

“I don’t expect my right to be unveiled here in parliament but in front of the justice
However, I welcome every decision that will be taken by you. My journey toward justice is unstoppable,” said Tahiri.

The Democrat MPs reacted by holding-up banners carrying slogans like “Government Tied with Drugs Smuggling”, “Incriminated Government”, “Mafioso Government”.

The parliamentary regulation specifies that the Mandates and Immunity Council report is voted through ballot-box voting.

Two reports that are expected to be presented in parliament show a clear division between majority and opposition on this issue. Majority authorizes only Tahiri’s house’s inspection while objecting his arrest. Meantime the opposition’s report is in favor of his arrest on view of the proofs presented by the prosecutors.


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