Paloka: Tahiri's Document Proves Nothing
Albanian Daily News
Published October 24, 2017
The Deputy-Speaker Edi Paloka, at the same time a Democrat MP, reacted on Tuesday over a document issued by Catania's prosecution presented earlier by the former-Minister of Interior Sajmir Tahiri as proof of his innocence.

Through a public statement Paloka stressed that even Kavaja's former mayor Elvis Roshi and other incriminated individuals related to Premier Edi Rama presented similar documents despite previous convictions in Italy.

He also urged to Tahiri to address a series of direct questions to PM Rama enabling a wider clarification of the public opinion

"Why he was no longer appointed in the position of Minister of Interior? Why was not part of 'Rama' 2 despite being considered as 'Rama 1' most successful minister? Why was he expelled from the Socialist Parliamentary group? Does PM Rama know something more about this issue, or he knows nothing about? These are the questions that Tahiri should address to his former chief," stated Paloka.

In conclusion he declared that Albanians will soon be given more answers, despite the lack of willingness by PM Rama to do so.

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