'Other Ministers Involved in Drugs Trafficking'
Albanian Daily News
Published October 24, 2017
The arrest of the drugs trafficker, Moisi Habilaj in Italy caused an earthquake in the Albanian politics. After Saimir Tahiri, former Socialist Minister of Minister, accused by the prosecution of ties with with Habilaj and international drugs trafficking, local media reports other ministers' involvement. During the last two days the media mentioned the existence of new files, wiretapping from Italy involving other members of the current government.

Former Prime Minister, Sali Berisha goes much beyond. He made public the name of the minister that according to him has a wiretapping file.

"He is Fatmir Xhafaj. That's why he made an urgent visit in Italy to fix his problems. He made an urgent visit to fix his file. Despite the Tahiri's file another big one is that of the Minister of Interior Xhafaj. His file is related to the international drugs traffic from his brother Agron Xhafaj criminal group," denounced Berisha.


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