Prosecution Appeal to Politics: Do Not Intervene in Our Investigations
Albanian Daily News
Published October 23, 2017
The Serious Crimes Prosecution reacts over the latest accusations by Prime Minister Edi Rama related to the inquiry and the arrest request for the former-Minister of Interior Sajmir Tahiri.

Through a press release issued on Monday this institution emphasized its attitude on this issue while adding that political declarations have never managed to intimidate the investigative activity.

"The Serious Crimes Prosecution was perfectly aware since the early days of this investigation that would have to cope with numerous frontal attacks with political background due to the fact that the person is the former-Minister of Interior and currently a member of parliament. Despite this the prosecutors decided to address the parliament asking for the authorization to proceed with the arrest of the person currently under inquiry.

PM Rama's latest public declaration goes against his previous declarations during the last two years in relation to the justice reform. In his speech the Premier, in the quality of chairman of the political subject he leads, expressed an opinion and made an assessment of the evidences presented during a closed door meeting of the Serious Crimes Prosecution to the Council of Mandates and Immunities. So he took over publicly the role of the court, an attribute that does not belong to him neither by the Constitution nor by the law.

From our point of view this public attitude by the chief of executive is a clear signal that the fight against high-level corruption, the goal of which was the adoption of the Justice Reform, will be controlled by politics. If prosecution investigations are accompanied by flagrant political interference then the purpose of Justice Reform in the fight against corruption and impunity at high levels will be a challenge that will not be met successfully," stated the Prosecution.

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