Rama Protects Himself by Defending Tahiri - Says Kryemadhi
Albanian Daily News
Published October 23, 2017
The Socialist Movement for Integration (SMI) chairwoman Monika Kryemadhi declares that Prime Minister Edi Rama statements in defense of his former-Minister of Interior Sajmir Tahiri are indeed an attempt to protect his person.

"Edi Rama, the man that fears the justice defended while detaching at the same time himself from him Sajmir Tahiri the closest collaborators in politics criminalization," stated Kryemadhi through a public statement on Monday.

She also declared that Rama's advisors and trusted friends have almost convinced the Premier that he played no role in cannabis cultivation phenomenon spreading in Albania.

"On the other side they seem to forget that PM Rama's fear is bigger than any principle or friendship. The unprecedented attack on the prosecution by someone that only a few weeks ago waved the justice reform flag is a clear sign of political acting and inaptitude to understand that neither the big nor the small fishes may escape this reform," stated Kryemadhi.

She also stressed that PM Rama makes a mistake by listening to his advisors claims that justice reform artifices may help him escape justice.

"This superficial individual hurries to proclaim himself and his collaborators as innocent by attacking the only law enforcement institution that proves his direct ties with the crime's world. His personal attitude and that of the Socialist parliamentary group is nothing more than a temporary escapade from the powerful truth that will lead to the criminals' dismissal from decision-making process. PM Rama is perfectly aware that opposition is no longer a matter of cards bought with crimes money but a matter of inspiration and willingness that will soon bring the gangs down from country's ruling," stated the SMI chairwoman.

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