Vasili's Appeal to Rama: Keep Your Hands Away from Justice
Albanian Daily News
Published October 20, 2017
The Socialist Movement for Integration (SMI) parliamentary group chairman Petrit Vasili addressed an appeal to Prime Minister Edi Rama urging him to avoid infringement of the justice system.

"This Premier, who talked uninterruptedly about the justice while inaugurating even the cities' sewers trying to place himself in the right side of the public opinion now seems to be worried by the inappropriate use of this term by the others. Indeed he managed to place himself beside the drugs, crime, vote's abduction and concessions. The justice asked by the chief of executive and his entourage foresees adversaries persecution and a captured justice system that does not hamper his illicit affairs and traffics," declared Vasili.

He also said that it's about time to leave the justice to follow its course, while adding that there's no need for those with close ties to the traffics to give an opinion. According to Vasili it would be much better if they would remain silent.

"Some 1.5 tons of drugs worth EUR 15 million were seized this morning in Italy. While everyone in the Prime Ministry and State Police keep shouting that they are fulfilling their duty all that is done is to pave the drugs' highways asphalt," ended Vasili.


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