'Skampa' Festival Brings Theater's Magic in Elbasan
Albanian Daily News
Published October 20, 2017
A number of domestic and foreign theatrical troops will perform in Elbasan since next Sunday as part of the "Skampa" International Theater Festival 19th edition. This edition comes under the logo "The Awake" and has designed as an attractive platform of education through art.

Theatrical troops from Albania, China, USA, Italy, Chile, Kosovo, Russia and Switzerland are expected to come on stage presenting a total of 16 plays to the drama-lovers in Elbasan.

A series of workshops and concerts along with a variety of other activities will also be organized as part of this international festival. According to the festival's director, Adonis Filipi this event has gradually become an event with international dimensions.

"Over 200 theatrical troops, some 2500 Albanian and foreign artists have already performed in front of more than 90.000 viewers. 'Skampa' Festival is currently the biggest theatrical event on international level and one among most distinct activities of this kind in the region. This festival has already become part of Albania's cultural heritage," said Filipi.

The festival's curtains will be raised by the 'Chairs' play that will bring on stage the Shanghai Opera Troop. This festival will end on October 28.

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