Prosecution Arguments for Tahiri's Arrest
Albanian Daily News
Published October 20, 2017
The Serious Crimes prosecutor Besim Hajdarmataj listed the arguments that according to this institution justify the arrest of former socialist Minister of Interior, Saimir Tahiri, currently a member of Socialist Party parliamentary group.

Addressing to the Council of Mandates and Immunity members Hajdarmataj declared that prosecution is in possession of proofs which imply the alleged ties of Tahiri with a criminal group in Vlora.

"Saimir Tahiri is involved in this criminal activity. We are here to require Tahiri's parliamentary immunity removal, so that we may intervene anytime if the court allows us to arrest him," declared Hajdarmataj.

According to him the prosecution's investigation on Tahiri's alleged ties with Moisi Habilaj followed the latest arrest in Italy as the head of a international drug smuggling network.

"We conducted a series of investigations. We also opened an inquiry on Tahiri on view of the fact that there were some compromising conversations which connected him to the traffickers. On 11 May 2013 he sold the personal vehicle to Artan Habilaj, accused of drugs smuggling. Prosecution has proofs that Tahiri used again his vehicle after this period of time. He traveled to Greece and it was Habilaj who sent the vehicle there and it was later returned to Albania on 2014 by the minister himself. We have much more proofs that can't be publicly disclosed due to the inquiry's secrecy," underlined Hajdarmataj.

Tahiri is currently accused of involvement in international drugs trafficking as part of a structured criminal group and passive corruption by a high ranks official.

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