Tahiri Issue, Xhafaj 'Attacks' the Prosecution
Albanian Daily News
Published October 20, 2017
The Minister of Interior, Fatmir Xhafaj reacted on Friday over the accusations against his predecessor Sajmir Tahiri and the prosecution’s request for his arrest. Answering to the media interest about his opinion on this issue Xhafaj stated that the facts presented so far do not incriminate Tahiri.

Meantime he attacked the prosecution by declaring that specific segments of this institution are being used for political purposes during an incandescent political situation.

“From my point of view there’s an attempt to use Tahiri for political purposes. The prosecution is creating a dangerous precedent by using proofs that are not beyond any shadow of doubt. If you ask for my opinion in the legal aspect the charges pressed by the Serious Crimes Court prosecutors do not comply with law’s willingness. It means that we are facing a situation when segments of this institution are being used in an ‘incandescent’ issue,” said Xhafaj, adding that real proofs would soon be presented to the media.


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